Sohwhtur250g (1)

7419870333232: Spice things up a bit with our turmeric infused honey. Turmeric is a prominent component of most Ayurveda medications since it has therapeutic properties because of its major component CURCUMIN. Shiva Organic’s Turmeric honey awakens your palate and includes an aromatic earthy note of certified organic Himalayan fresh turmeric, which is full of nutrients and health benefits. This combination of delicious flavours and properties naturally supports your well-being. This golden mixture helps in: Improving blood circulation and hence the immune system to fight diseases. cold, cough and sore throat. Curcumin helps in improving the functionality of CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM. It reduces oxidation and inflammation, two significant factors in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies have shown the efficacy of curcumin in killing cancerous cells in the body. Improving chronic inflammation. In skin lightening and has anti-aging properties. Improving digestion and other enzymes necessary for effective digestion of food.

  • Turmeric Infused Honey 250 g - Shiva Organic
  • Shivaa Organic
  • Shiva Organic
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  • 250 g
  • 10x10x14 cm
  • 250 g
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