Sorhe5rj250g (1)

7419870619435: Fresh Royal jelly could not be stored in the room temperature, the physical properties of Royal jelly change twenty hours after harvest if stored at ambient/room temperature, to retain the properties and active ingredients Royal jelly is stored in natural raw thick honey. Honey not only stores the goodness of Royal jelly and gives good taste and flavor to the tongue. As we know that honey is a good carrier, so the goodness of Royal jelly is transformed to all the cells

  • Raw Honey Enriched 5% Honey 250g
  • SORHE5RJ250G
  • SORHE5RJ250G
  • Shivaa Organic
  • Shiva Organic
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  • 250g
  • 250 g
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  • https://shivaorganic.com/

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