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7419870645175: USAGE- Gold metal spatulas each, great for measuring powdered supplements (royal jelly) powder appropriately.

The little spoons are easy to clean and sterilise without putting fingers in the jar, you can put the spoons in the platic storage box after use.
Prevents your product from oxidisation, by using spatula instead of fingers.
ECO-FRIENDLY- Metal spatula is much more environmentally friendly and more durable than plastic spatula, can be reused after cleaning.
The size is 2.36 ” x 0.47 “, good weight, looks aesthetically pleasing, there is a small hole at the end of the spatula for easy hanging
The applicator is made of the metal alloy, smooth and long-lasting, more comfortable to touch, good weight with shiny sivler & gold colour.
EXPERIENCE- Enhances your experience of eating from the spatula instead of hands.
CONVENIENCE- It helps you measure the required dosage of the supplement.

  • Shiva Organic Gold Metal Spoon/ Spatula Set of 4
  • Shivaa Organic
  • Shiva Organic
  • Gold
  • 4
  • 1250
  • https://shivaorganic.com/

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