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7419870744014: Powder Royal jelly (freeze dried at- 40°C)
Storage capability of Royal jelly can be improved through the use of freeze drying. The fresh Royal jelly is susceptible to lose the bio-active components at room temperatures. Therefore fresh royal jelly has been freeze-dried at -40o C to remove the moisture content and to maintain maximum stability at room temperature. Fresh Royal jelly has about 65 % moisture whereas freeze dried Royaljelly powder contains only 5%moisture. After moisture reduction Royal jelly becomes more concentrated formand all the contents range is tripled.

Proportion of equality is 3 :1
It means 3 g of fresh Royal jelly is freeze dried only 1g powder obtained. Shiva organic Royal jelly powder contains about 6% of 10-HDA

For general health 200mg Powder royal jelly for better results 500mg or as prescribed by the physician

How to use:
One spatula (500 mg) (provided within the packing) keep it below tongue in the empty stomach followed by honey drink (for better results no tea or coffee for an hour). For fertility reasons two spatula in lucke warm milk in the early morning and at sleep time.
Shelf life: Freeze dried powder royal jelly stays for 6 months at room temperature (28°C), 2 years at 4°C

  • Shiva Organic Royal Jelly Powder - Freeze Dry 10-HDA:6% (100 g)
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