Bring VEDBUTI BLACK SALT to your kitchen and add the taste of BLACK SALT to your meals.

VEDBUTI BLACK SALT adds flavor and health to your foods due to the Ayurvedic properties of TRIPHALA (AMLA, BEHERA, CHHOTI HARAD) and other Flavoring Ingredients.

VEDBUTI BLACK SALT is prepared in ancient ways by cooking sea salt with pure TRIPHALA (AMLA, BEHERA, CHHOTI HARAD) in earthen pots for several days.

These ancient methods remove all impurities from salt and increase the amount of healthy minerals.

Adding VEDBUTI BLACK SALT to your diet also has additional Health Benefits.

Regular use of VEDBUTI BLACK SALT in your favorite food items like CHAAT, SALAD, JALJEERA, BUTTERMILK, WHEY, CURD, RAITA, JUICE etc. can not only enjoy the wonderful taste but you can also Avoid Health Problems like indigestion and constipation.

  • Vedbuti Black Salt
  • 1221B9G0001
  • Triphala Black Salt
  • B09NRQZSV6
  • Gayatri Enterprises
  • Vedbuti
  • Kids and Adult
  • Chocolaty
  • 1
  • 17.8 x 8.9 x 8.9 CM
  • 900 Gram
  • 299
  • VEDBUTI BLACK SALT Containing 100% Pure Triphala.
  • VEDBUTI BLACK SALT is a fine-grained black salt.
  • VEDBUTI BLACK SALT has a Wonderful Chocolaty Color and Fine Grainy Texture.
  • VEDBUTI BLACK SALT is Prepared in Ancient Ways.
  • VEDBUTI BLACK SALT is Rich in Natural & Healthy Minerals Like Iron and Potassium.
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